Mass Media

The Media Program at Bethlehem Bible College began in 2003 in order to bring hope and encouragement to the Palestinian people. The media training program, within the context of BBC, provides a way of developing skills, providing employment, and a means of using media to promote a better society.

Since the Second Intifada, Bethlehem has suffered from a diminished economic situation. Currently, the unemployment rate is 23%. Due to the economic situation, BBC saw that it was necessary to develop academic programs that teach valuable skills and provide gainful employment amidst economic difficulty.

The media program offers a 2-year degree diploma to approximately 20 students every two years. It provides courses in journalism theories, radio recording and editing, and TV filming and editing.

Our students have the opportunity to practice and enhance their skills by working with the New Vision Media Center.

We have now begun our fifth class of media students, who will be graduating in June, 2013. Most of our graduates work in media fields such as local radio and TV stations. Our Media Program, one of the few in the West Bank, is a unique opportunity for local students and graduates. Not only do students gain practical skills for employment through these programs, but also learn them in the context of Christ-centered and Biblical education, enabling them to be the light of Christ in their communities.