New Vision Media Center

The New Vision Media Center (NVMC) in 2003 as production of one-hour television shows. It began as a place for students from the BBC Mass Media program to develop their skills and also a way to use media as a means of promoting a better society.

Today, the NVMC is a media center working primarily with digital video productions. It is a client-based center, involved with producing TV shows, documentaries, promotional videos, films, fiction shows, PSAs, and designing and planning media campaigns.

The NVMC facilities include:

  • Fully equipped Audio-visual studios and latest high tech editing room.
  • Full HD High Definition Camcorders and HD recorders.
  • Professional filming gear for field productions with cranes, grips, tracks and all needed accessories.
  • Professional crew, researchers and staff experts in producing high-qualtiy products and planning media campaigns.

The NVMC is passionate about the art of communication and dialogue to create a better society in Palestine.  Partnering with other humanitarian associations, human rights groups, and Christian organizations has helped the NVMC make a deeper impact in the society.

Currently, the NVMC produces one-hour television programs discussing issues such as human rights, democracy, health, environment and local initiatives that are broadcast every week on local and national Satellite television, with viewing throughout the Middle East.

Through the art of media, the NVMC aims to bring hope and encouragement to the Palestinian people.

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