Volunteer - Finance

Generally speaking, volunteers are expected to finance their own stay here.

For long-term volunteers, getting off-campus housing is recommended. You can rent a decent size apartment for about $350~$400 a month. To rent a house, our estimate would be around $800-$1,000 a month.

Food costs can vary greatly, depending on your preferences.  

Groceries are generally much cheaper than the average western country. Imported products are more expensive though. For example,

  • a large bag of rice: $10
  • a bag of potatoes:  $2
  • 1 kg of fruit:  $3
  • 1 whole chicken (uncooked): $6-7
  • a box of cereal: $7-8

*prices in Bethlehem 2012

For a couple, $100 a week for food would probably be plenty even if you ate out a couple of times (again, depending on what kind of restaurants you go to).