International Study Program

The Land of the Bible Is Our Classroom!

The International Study Program at Bethlehem Bible College is perfect for students, seminarians, pastors, or anybody wanting to combine a trip to the Holy land with inspiring lectures and engaging visits to Holy Sites.

We offer courses in Biblical exegesis, theology, religions of the Holy Land, history, Palestinian Culture, Reconciliation, Peace and Justice.

Some of our courses include:

  • In the Footsteps of Jesus
  • Reading the Old Testament
  • Introduction to Palestinian Christian Theology
  • Introductions to Islam, Judaism, and Messianic Jews
  • Theology of the Land
  • Biblical Geography
  • The Israeli/Palestinian Conflict
  • Pathways to Reconciliation
  • Peace, Justice and Non-Violence in the Palestinian Context

Lectures are combined with an experiential component, including visits to religious sites, political sites, and meeting Palestinian Christians, which enhance the academic understanding gained in our lectures.

Our International Study Program offers various tracks to best fit your schedule and learning needs:

In addition, we can provide housing in our Guest House and arrange meals according to your needs.

As Palestinian Christians, we are deeply connected with the Biblical stories, cultures, as well as languages. 

We believe that our unique context will revolutionize your reading of the bible as well as your understanding of the Middle East!