Sponsor a Student or Professor

Our Students and Professors

We encourage individuals, churches and groups to personally get involved in helping theological education continue at Bethlehem Bible College.  Our mandate is to train interested young Christians to become future Sunday school leaders, teachers of religion in the public schools, pastors, care workers, etc.  At a time when religious fundamentalism is rapidly gaining ground in the Middle East, supporting students who are willing to stand for the Lord Jesus Christ is a truly important financial investment.

Similarly, you can choose to support one of our professors.  Without our professors, we could not maintain high academic standards in theological education.  Our professors provide for both the academic and spiritual needs of our students, preparing them to be Godly leaders who will empower the local church.

This is a wonderful project as it provides a personal connection with our young people. It also gives the home church, group or individual an involvement with missions and helps them become aware of the needs of other people groups. 

The Cost for a Student:

Taking into account teacher salaries, administrative costs, maintenance, insurance, etc., it actually costs approximately $6300 per student per year to study at the Bethlehem Bible College ($8000 for boarding students).  The amount charged per student is 15%.  Despite the reduction in student fees, we often have to find scholarship funds to help needy students to cover that amount.  The remaining 85% ($6300-$952=$5375) also has to be raised each year.

Individuals, churches or groups can ask for the name of a BBC student and write to them, send them school supplies, books and materials, and sponsor their costs at the BBC.

The Cost for a Professor:

Professors needs can be supported through provision for their:

  • salaries - $1,300/month full-time or $800/month part-time
  • continuing education or professional development opportunities (as needs arise),
  • journal subscriptions. 

In all of these ways, our professors are empowered to teach to the best of their ability.

Please consider these options prayerfully as to how you would like to connect more with Bethlehem Bible College and strengthen the Christians of the Holy Land. Our primary desire is that we build a relationship that will grow and be strengthened for the future.

Contact our Development Office for further details and we will guide you in your journey.