Lectures & Field Trips

Lectures and Field Trips in the Holy Land

We are glad to offer you the opportunity to interact not only with our historical and archaeological sites, but also with our excellent scholars, godly pastors, local churches and congregations, and our students.

We have tailored different time frameworks so you will have more than one option to consider.

  1. One lecture - Enjoy a lecture from one of our qualified staff speakers
  2. One day - Enjoy a day of education with 2-3 lectures
  3. Two daysEncounter both the cognitive as well as some experiential components that structure our reality and theology.Enjoy two days of living and learning with 2-3 lectures and 1 field trip
  4. One Week - Enjoy one week of living and learning with 5-6 lectures and 3-4 field trips. Ideally, this option is done from Monday to Friday. If participants are able to stay for the weekend, we recommend keeping Saturday as a free day for leisure and shopping, and Sunday for meditation as well as reflection. In addition, participants will be offered the option to attend a local church service on Sunday.

For each time-frame you can choose from a variety of Lectures and Field Trips.

To arrange lectures and field trips, Contact Us.

Lunch can be provided upon request for $10 per person.

Accommodation for up to 30 people can be provided upon request in our Guest House.

Useful Information:

  • Each lecture is 90-120 minutes in length including 30 minutes Q&A.
  • Lectures are offered Monday through Friday, and in special cases we might consider Saturdays, but not Sundays.
  • Lectures can be offered either in Bethlehem or at our extension in Nazareth.
  • Snacks and refreshments are provided for the lectures.
  • Audiovisual recording of the lectures are available for purchase (depending on availability).
  • For detailed costs on lectures Contact Us. Find Field Trip Costs HERE.