Biblical Studies

Bethlehem Bible College aims to equip our students to model Christ centeredness, Godly humility, biblical wholeness, creative mercy and justice in their jobs and ministries. We desire that our students lead the Church in the Holy Land with wisdom, compassion and integrity and will serve their communities with care and love. Our Biblical Studies programs, including a BA in Biblical Studies and Christian Education and an MA in Christian Ministry, are the heart and soul of these goals.

As part of these programs, we strive to meet the educational needs of our students in the following ways:

Provide a distinctively Christian environment:

  • prayer and devotional times with students and staff
  • regular chapel services focusing on the spiritual domain
  • modeling Christian love to one another in grace
  • working cooperatively toward the goals of Christ's Kingdom
  • seeking the well-being of the Church in our community

Training and Preparing Students:

  • providing excellence in Christian-based education
  • creating the optimum learning environments
  • training in leadership and interpersonal relations
  • utilizing the human resources within the community
  • offering the best quality instruction in respective fields
  • providing opportunities for Christian service and ministry
  • modeling Christian behaviors, values, morals and ethics